Everybody matters,
Everybody benefits!

EchoStake is a community-driven project where users are a key part of the route. All decisions are made by the community, whereas all transaction profits go to the user base.

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06 Mar 2020 1:00 PM UTC

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What is ECHO?

EchoStake is a community-driven project that brings a new set of thinking to the crypto world. To make the platform fair, we consider everyone’s opinion when making a decision. EchoStake will launch its main-net to the public after the IEO. The mainnet will use ProgPOW with MN/Staking. ProgPOW is a new type of mining algorithm that greatly improves each GPU’s mining possibility, thus making ASIC’s obsolete. Our masternodes and staking mechanism will ensure that miners and holders have constant access to one of the best ways of generating new coins.

Read more about our project and philosophy in the Whitepaper

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EchoStake is the decentralisation as it should be!

GPU-efficient mining algorithm

The new ProgPOW algorithm enables GPU mining at maximum efficiency, making it economically impractical to upgrade to ASIC’s.

Truly Decentralized

ASIC resistant ProgPoW empowers fair coin distribution without being consolidated by the government or huge corporations.


EchoStake’s superior anonymity improves upon Monero’s RingCt technology as well as Zcoin’s exposing balances.

Transparent rules and operations

All code will be open-source at the moment we launch the mainnet. We hope that users will invest some of their time to review and audit the code. Support for anyone that has any questions will be given in our Telegram.

Community driven

This platform will be a product of the community. Each community member will have a powerful say when it comes to current and future decisions. This will be beneficial to the EchoStake ecosystem, granted that true democracy will be enacted - the majority will decide which direction the project should take.

Anyone can get involved

It has become harder and harder for new members of the crypto-currency movement to get into a specific coin, due to many miners increasing the difficulty with big mining farm. With Echo you can easily buy coins and be a part of our network by simply staking your coins and earning interests on them.

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XX Feb 2020

Only 50M ECHO tokens
100% buy wall

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